5 Successful Rebranding Strategies Gone Right


Rebranding can be a daunting task, but the results if done correctly can be well worth the effort.

From small businesses to major big-name corporations, everybody sometimes feel that they need to rebrand. For some, it’s just time and others may feel a little pressure from the competition to keep up.

Rebranding is a costly and very involved process. Organizations may choose to change their goals, messaging, logo and anything else that contributes to how people think of their company. There are 5 brands that come to mind who understand the significance of rebranding. With the proper strategy in place, they were able to successfully turn themselves around.

Burberry’s Image Overhaul


One of the most famous rebranding success stories is the story of Burberry. Originally, it was known for its sports apparel and other clothing that was strongly associated with UK football hooligans and the “chav” antisocial youth culture image.

Burberry achieved a full image overhaul by offering swimwear, trench coats and luxury fashion items. The company used celebrity endorsements to elevate the image of its brand. They expanded their product line and polished up its image. With the rebrand, Burberry was able to reach a new demographic.

Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch underwent a similar rebranding to Burberry by expanding its base. The company saw falling sales in 2016 and decided that a rebrand was necessary. With the rebrand they emphasized their playful image and expanded for a more diverse range of products.

Abercrombie and Fitch did not take the rebrand lightly, they invested in the process. They hired new design leadership which pushed for a creative direction. In late 2017 the rebrand gained momentum.



Xerox made a name for itself as the worlds premium copy machine. When Xerox acquired Affiliated Computer Services in 2010, they began to offer a wide range of new business-related services. One problem they encountered was that the name Xerox was associated with copy machines. Imagine that! It didn’t help that when you looked in the dictionary, the word Xerox means “to copy.”

Following the acquisition, Xerox rolled out a new add campaign that emphasized these new business services. The message was all about the new business solutions they were offering. By adding these new services and emphasizing the new products, Xero showed the world that it had more to offer than just your routine copying services. Do you still think of Xerox as just copying machines.

Target (Pronounced “Tar-Jay”)


Tar-Jay in the 1990s was just one of the many “big box” stores. We all know the “big box” stores had the reputation for products that were not of the highest quality. It was the place we all went when we didn’t care about quality (didn’t expect it to last long) or the brand. As long as it was a bargain, we were going to save some money.

Target was losing out to its competitors and decided on rebranding in 2011. They started producing and selling their own clothing brands. The target brands were a bit higher quality but they were selling along side Targets cheap staples. Target gained new customers because of the higher quality product line.

The result is that its ironic, faux-French nickname of “Tar-jay” isn’t so ironic after all.

Michael Bolton’s Career


Most people know Michael Bolton as a mid-eighties crooner with flowing locks and a soulful voice. Most of us know his music from the dentist’s office waiting room. The days of soft rock balladry have come and gone.

But in later years, Bolton went from being the punchline of bad eighties music to a pop icon all over again. Cashing in on the humor of his image, Michael Bolton began appearing in rap videos, Netflix specials and advertisements. He even appeared in humorous video released by Vanity Fair that depicts Bolton as a crooning coffee barista.

The rebranding result? Rebranding can lead to expanding your organization to new demographics, keeping your organization at the top of the heap among competitors, turning around an ailing company, and boosting your sales.

These companies/brands are real. They are proof that it is possible. If you think you are in need of a rebrand, don’t hesitate. Learn from your customers whether they know your brands message and take the next step towards success.

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